FoxCart GPU Repair & Maintenance

foxcart gpu repair

FoxCart GSE has been powering corporate aviation with the precision and expertise the industry demands. Manufacturing both single and three-phase power cart GPUs, FoxCart GSE has been a leader in the ground support equipment industry for nearly a half a century. FlyTek GSE provides the highest level of FoxCart GPU repair and maintenance services, quickly and efficiently.

Why FoxCart GSE?

FoxCart GPUs are designed in Dallas, Texas and are engineered to last. Built in an all-steel chassis frame with a three-piece steel box siding and powder coated over a double coat of zinc-based primer, FoxCart equipment outlasts the elements. The popular FoxCart ground power unit series has a uniquely long menu of customizations and configurations so that you get the perfect unit for your fleet. Smaller units are available which can be navigated around a tightly packed hangar by just one person.

foxcart gpu maintenance

FoxAir air-cooling units are designed to cool all models of corporate aircraft. The various models deliver anywhere from 24,000 BTUs to 4 tons of cold air at the flip of a switch. Even the most compact unit, the FoxAir 60 B, is available with a heater option.

Used the world over, Foxcart GSE makes a durable, customizable product that, well maintained, will last for decades.

Why FlyTek?

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When you choose FlyTek GSE to keep your ground support equipment in peak working order, you get the industry’s top maintenance professionals supporting you around the clock. Our technicians have been FoxCart GPU repair and maintenance services for years, so you can feel confident about receiving the best possible service for your FoxCart units. And our preventative maintenance plans keep you on track, scheduling proactive maintenance to minimize downtime and all but eliminate surprise failures.

We are also dealers in both new and used ground support equipment, so turn to FlyTek first when you’re ready to buy a new unit. We’ll give you the benefit of our long experience in working with many different manufacturers to recommend the best piece of equipment for your needs.

When you partner with FlyTek, you’ll find that our maintenance, repair and emergency services are among the best in the business. For service of all of your ground support equipment, call FlyTek GSE today!