Unitron GPU Repair & Maintenance

Unitron has been supplying ground power units (GPUs) to the military, commercial, and industrial markets for over 40 years. Customers like Boeing, Delta Airlines, and Gulfstream Aerospace rely on Unitron to deliver the best and most reliable GPUs available today.

Why Unitron?

Unitron GPU Repair & Maintenance

Because the design, production, and sale of Unitron GPUs all happens under one roof, customers know that a Unitron product will always deliver on reliability, innovation, and performance. From their headquarters in Dallas, Texas, Unitron’s quality GSE products are developed and tested for maximum end-user satisfaction.

Unitron’s broad range of clean, quiet GPUs are designed for minimum maintenance and are equipped with self-diagnostic systems and modular construction, which helps speed up analysis and repair times. They manufacture direct current GPUs suitable for powering smaller jets and turboprop aircraft as well as alternating current GPUs for large jets and airliners. They also manufacture combination units for maximum efficiency, which help decrease ramp congestion and take up less hangar space.

Hobart Ground Power Unit Repair & Maintenance

Unitron GPUs are available in a variety of configurations, offering great flexibility in accommodating your fleet:

  • Mobile
  • Towable
  • Boarding bridge-mount
  • Fixed

Why FlyTek?

FlyTek GSE is the mid-Atlantic region’s most convenient provider of on-site and off-site ground support equipment maintenance. With longstanding relationships with well regarded GSE manufacturers in the United States, our experience, standards, and reputation are second to none.

Unitron GPU Repair & Maintenance

Our services are in high demand among ground support providers throughout the country due to our proactive and highly customized preventative maintenance programs. We keep your equipment running smoothly and efficiently, vastly minimizing downtime with our hands-on, onsite approach.

In addition to servicing your Unitron GPUs, FlyTek performs many other critical services on-site, such as aircraft jack load repair, testing, and certification; oil sampling and analysis; HPU maintenance and repair; and equipment failure troubleshooting.

FlyTek has years of experience in diagnosing and repairing Unitron GPUs, and we will come to you to get your equipment back in working order. Contact FlyTek GSE today to discuss all of your ground support equipment maintenance needs. We would be happy to discuss the best way to keep your Unitron equipment running smoothly and efficiently!