FlyTek GSE Announces Tronair Acquisition of Columbus Jack/Regent and GSE Spares

Ground services equipment provider Tronair, Inc., of Holland, Ohio, has recently acquired Quality Products, Inc., the holding company of Columbus Jack/Regent, the U.S. Defense Department’s largest supplier of jacks, and GSE Spares, which provides spare parts, adapters, and accessories to the ground services industry.

FlyTek Broadens Equipment Service Capabilities with Tronair Acquisition

tronair acquisition FlyTek GSE is a leading maintenance and service provider of aviation ground support equipment and was the first authorized Tronair service center in the United States. The Tronair acquisition of Columbus Jack/Regent and GSE Spares will significantly broaden the range of equipment serviced by the Folcroft, PA based company, whose services also include in-house and onsite jack load testing/certification and hydraulic power unit maintenance and repair. Ken Lock, Operations Manager at FlyTek GSE, said that the company is primed for the additional equipment services and workload created by the Tronair acquisition. “At FlyTek GSE, we provide support to the ground support services industry throughout the Delaware Valley, New York, New Jersey, Virginia and beyond. As an industry leader in servicing and maintaining Tronair equipment, we are poised to deliver the outstanding customer service and equipment maintenance standards that have defined our position in the market to the clients of Columbus Jack/Regent and GSE Spares.”

Tronair – A Leading Provider of Ground Services Equipment

tronair acquires columbus jack/regent and gse spares Ohio-based Tronair has been the internationally recognized leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of ground services equipment for business, commercial, and military aircraft for more than 45 years. Tronair is synonymous with quality, innovation, and service in the United States, Europe, and Asia. The company’s Ohio headquarters house extensive resources for machining, fabrication, powder paint application, 2-part epoxy coatings, and assembly, ensuring that its product lines, comprising 1,500 items in total, are held to the highest manufacturing standards.

FlyTek Services Equipment from Columbus Jack, Regent, and GSE Spares

Columbus Jack was started in the 1940’s to service the needs of the U.S. military. The rigorous standards required by the military drive the company’s internal quality standards and worth ethic. Regent was founded in 1929 and has served commercial airlines, the aerospace industry, and the military. Currently, Columbus Jack/Regent is the U.S. Defense Department’s largest supplier of hydraulic jacks. The company also services commercial, business, and civilian aircraft. GSE Spares, headquartered in Mesquite, Texas, delivers a complete line of ground support equipment, spare parts, adapters, and accessories for bomb and missile-loading equipment and to the ground services industry at large. With more than two decades in the business, the company has serviced the gamut of customers from the U.S. Government and military airbases to major commercial airline manufacturers. GSE Spares’ product line includes pumps, engines, straps, valves, tires, rims, lift beams, part kits, and more.