Fluid Transfer

Portable — User-Friendly — Cost-Effective

FlyTek dispensers offer a convenient and efficient solution for storing, transporting, and dispensing various service fluids. These dispensers are designed to be durable yet lightweight, requiring minimal maintenance and delivering reliable performance for years to come.

Key Advantages

Transparent Container – The use of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) allows for easy visibility of fluid levels.

Lightweight & Sturdy – Precision-engineered components ensure hassle-free transportation and exceptional durability, even in harsh conditions.

Prominent Signage – Large, color-coded placards simplify fluid identification.

Compatibility – The dispensers are made from natural HDPE, making them compatible with all types of fluids. They are equipped with seals, hoses, and filters suitable for different fluids.

Versatility – All dispensers can be customized as closed containment systems and can be easily modified to accommodate additional accessories like totalizers or pressure gauges.