TowFLEXX Distributor & Service Center

FlyTek GSE is an authorized TowFLEXX distributor and service center. Our partnership with TowFLEXX means that FlyTek’s superior GSE maintenance services are now more convenient than ever.


TowFLEXX is the leading innovator in remote controlled aircraft tug technology. TowFLEXX tugs safely and effortlessly turn aircraft on the spot without the need to turn the nose wheel. Their simple and convenient tugs provide easy docking, coupling, and decoupling in only 20 seconds. No winches or straps are required.

A TowFLEXX tug allows you to utilize maximum hangar space, since it does not require the use of the nose wheel to fit aircraft into tight spaces. Using a TowFLEXX tug can save money on staff, since its precision remote control requires only one operator. You can expect a 50% increase in efficiency from TowFlexx tugs, plus:

Increase in
Hangar Utilization
Reduction in
Tow Damage

TowFLEXX tugs are hydraulic-free, all-electric, and do not require towbars. They operate effectively on damp, wet, and icy surfaces due to their large wheels and exceptional traction. There is a TowFLEXX tug for every size aircraft, from helicopters to small and large jet aircraft.

Tronair GPU

Features & Benefits

  • 360 Turn Feature: Safely turn aircraft on the spot without turning nose gear.
  • Excellent All Weather Capabilities
  • Easy to handle Remote Control
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • High Capacity, long life battery pack
  • Extended charging cycle time
  • Environmentally friendly; no exhaust
  • Leasing options available

Why FlyTek?

FlyTek GSE provides the most convenient and effective ground support equipment maintenance in the industry. Our onsite services are available throughout the mid-Atlantic as well as nationwide, delivering excellence in both our personnel and customer service teams.


FlyTek works closely with your ground support operation to create a maintenance schedule that significantly lowers downtime and extends the life of your equipment by keeping it in optimum working order. Our preventative maintenance plans are tailor fit to your equipment and operation.

Our onsite services include GPU and HPU preventative maintenance programs and repairs, belt loader maintenance, oil sampling and analysis, aircraft jack load repair, testing and certification, and more. We deal in new and used equipment, so when you are in need of jacks, engine stands and slings, work stands and work platforms, and more, trust FlyTek to find the right piece of equipment at the right price.

Now that we’ve partnered with TowFLEXX, we can supply you with the world’s best-engineered tugs and provide quick and reliable service in the event that they need repair. Call FlyTek today for a free consultation to find out how we can maximize the efficiency of your ground support equipment.