When it comes to aviation maintenance, having reliable and high-quality jacks is essential for ensuring the safety and efficiency of aircraft operations. That’s why we are pleased to introduce our top-of-the-line Axle and Tripod Jacks, designed in-house with the user in mind.

Axle Jacks

FlyTek Axle Jacks

FAJ – FlyTek Axle Jacks
FlyTek Axle Jacks are designed for maintenance lifting. With a background in the service industry, we appreciate the value of quality. Therefore, we proudly provide rugged jacks built to endure challenging conditions over the years.

Tripod Jacks

FlyTek Tripod Jacks

FTJ – FlyTek Tripod Jacks
FlyTek Tripod Jacks ensure stable aircraft maintenance, prioritizing stability and weight distribution. They’re perfect for essential tasks like landing gear inspections, tire changes, and more.

FTJ.3046.89.A Operation and Service Manual

FTJ.3046.104.A Operation and Service Manual