A-Frame Aviation Platform

Access all areas of the underside of the aircraft at various heights.

Enhance your maintenance efficiency with the SafeSmart Access A-Frame Aviation Platform, a tool specifically engineered to facilitate comprehensive access to all areas of the underside of an aircraft at various heights. When you need to get high enough to safely stand inside recesses, wheel wells, and more, this platform is your ultimate aid.

Not only does it allow for meticulous attention to the underbelly of the aircraft, but it also provides a sliding guardrail and gate set for fall protection when working on the outside of the fuselage. With this aviation platform, maneuverability is a breeze on the ramp. High-grade, side-mounted castors let you position the platform with ease, while the robust yet lightweight aluminum construction ensures durability and portability.

The practical design includes a handrail, allowing a worker to safely stand on the top step of the ladder—a position they’re typically advised against without a rail. This feature of the SafeSmart Access A-Frame Aviation Platform adds an extra layer of safety, ensuring peace of mind.

Key Advantages

Function – Ideal for working under the fuselage of an aircraft with collapsible handrail

Maneuverable – Complete with wheels, handles and rubber buffers

Security – Handrail set for added peace of mind and compliance in use (when there are no overhead obstructions)

Safety and compliance are never compromised with the A-Frame Aviation Platform from SafeSmart Access. It’s designed with the needs of aviation professionals in mind, providing a secure and versatile workspace for a variety of maintenance tasks.