Aircraft Jack Repair & Maintenance Services

Because you rely on your jacks every day to raise and lower heavy aircraft, they must be kept in excellent working order. FlyTek GSE provides superior, dependable maintenance and repair services on all makes and models of aircraft jacks, including bipod, tripod, and quadrupod models, axle jacks, and power lifts.

Jack Repair Service You Can Count On

Our service begins with diagnostics. We first test the jack to determine if it is operating within acceptable parameters. The equipment is then thoroughly cleaned to eliminate dirt and debris, which can create friction and cause the sensitive parts of the hydraulic system to wear out more quickly.

Once initial testing is completed, we perform the following steps to ensure the jack is performing at optimal levels:

  • Inspect cylinders for contaminants or other particulate matter
  • Check fluid levels
  • Inspect all load-bearing parts including tailstands and stabilizing pins
  • Visually inspect for any component damage or obvious signs of wear
  • Inspect hand and pneumatic pumps for leaks and hose obstructions
  • Check and maintain relief valve settings in accordance with manufacturer specifications

We replace all worn locknuts, seals, and rings, and clean and hone the barrel to uniform size. Finally, we repaint the unit, not only to make it look like new but to prevent the formation of rust, which can weaken the jack’s structure.

FlyTek GSE also provides jack load testing & certification. Jack load testing should be performed regularly to ensure the jacks are capable of supporting the maximum specified weight. We pressure test jacks under load for up to 12 hours to certify that they are functioning within design specifications.

Multiple Ground Support Equipment Repair Services Available On-Site

FlyTek GSE provides aircraft jack repair & maintenance on-site, reducing maintenance time and saving you the hassle of sending your equipment to a remote service location. Additionally, FlyTek also sells new and used equipment. Contact us with your specifications, and we will source a jack to suit your needs and your budget.

Don’t trust your aircraft jack repair and maintenance to anyone else. We have years of experience working with all types of jacks. Whether they are older models or modern ones that contain advanced technical components, we can perform all necessary repairs to restore them to working order. Our work is guaranteed so that you can have total confidence in the safety of your equipment.