Eagle Tugs Maintenance & Repair

Eagle Tug Maintenance & Repair

Eagle Tugs, a Tronair company, has been pulling aircraft for the industry since 1969. When the rapidly evolving air cargo industry needed an all-weather, high speed cargo tractor, Eagle stepped up and developed the iconic Bob Tail, based on the powerful Ford F-350. Over the next 2 decades, the Bob Tail became a de facto industry standard. Through the years, Eagle continued its engineering and design excellence with a line of tugs specifically created for corporate, regional and military customers.

Why Eagle Tugs?

After nearly half a century of service, the company has earned a well-deserved reputation for building robust and highly reliable products. Eagle Tugs’ prominence has been cultivated by leading the industry in the development of new products that meet rapidly changing needs and addressing the challenges created by moving bigger aircraft around increasingly busy airports.

Eagle Tugs’ commitment to cutting-edge design and highly efficient manufacturing has enabled the company to keep pace with industry demands and the ongoing evolution of environmentally friendly ground support equipment. Eagle brought its wide and deep tractor and tug expertise for the aircraft industry into the 21st century with AC electric tow tractors featuring zero-emission, four-wheel drive and 4-wheel steering models, specifically designed to operate efficiently on congested ramps and in crowded hangers with no noxious exhaust fumes.

Eagle Tug Maintenance & Repair

The key to maintaining maximum uptime for Eagle Tugs is an ongoing inspection and preventative maintenance program which includes the following equipment:

  • Hydraulic systems
  • Hitches
  • Lubrication
  • Wheels and Brakes
  • Electrical or diesel motors
  • Steering and chassis

Why FlyTek?

Eagle Tug Maintenance & Repair

Aircraft tugs are a mission-critical element of any ground service operation, needed to efficiently and safely move expensive and unwieldy aircraft from the hanger to the flight line and back again. When a tug breaks down, airport operations suffer, potentially impacting flight schedules, traffic patterns, and the customers that the aircraft operators serve. Maintaining aircraft tugs in top condition is an important priority for any ground service operator, and repairing them quickly when they break down is even more important. FlyTek is highly experienced at maintaining and repairing Eagle Tugs.

FlyTek offers comprehensive services to ground support equipment operators of all sizes and budgets, serving the country as a top rated GSE maintenance and repair provider. FlyTek offers preventative maintenance programs designed to keep Eagle Tug tractors and tugs on the flight line. Regardless of the type of tug or tractor, FlyTek has the expertise to repair it when necessary and to keep it running.