JetPorter Tug Maintenance

JetPorter sets the standard for the safe and efficient ground movement of aircraft fleets, with a complete line of towbarless, environmentally friendly electric tugs. The JetPorter line was acquired by Tronair in 1998, an industry leader serving aviation customers since 1971. JetPorter’s commitment to continuous improvement has led to the introduction of a number of innovative, unique, and effective features that provide customers with a wide range of options for managing their aircraft fleet.

Why JetPorter?

Jet Porter: A Tronair Company Maintenance

JetPorter tugs do not use a towbar, and models equipped with the SOFTCAPTURE® cradle connect to the aircraft without touching any part of the nose landing gear. JetPorter ground tugs feature independently excited motors coupled directly to the solid rubber drive wheels, the only tractor available on the market with this highly effective configuration. JetPorter tugs also utilize regenerative braking for smooth and safe deceleration.

Jetporter Tug Maintenance

All JetPorter ground tugs include:

  • Environmentally friendly electric motors
  • Regenerative braking for safe and efficient deceleration
  • Towbarless design
  • Dual motors
  • Standardized parts for ISO compliant aftermarket support
  • Available SOFTCAPTURE® technology

JetPorter also offers 4 different models that can support virtually any fleet of aircraft regardless of size. The larger JetPorter tractors utilize variable speed motors connected directly to the drive wheels, which provide the best turning radius in the industry, particularly useful in tight hangers or on busy aprons.

Why FlyTek?

FlyTek customers share the peace of mind that comes from knowing ours is a company they can rely on. As the mid-Atlantic region’s number one GSE maintenance and repair provider, FlyTek offers comprehensive services to GSE operators of all sizes and budgets. From ongoing preventative maintenance to mission-critical emergency repairs, FlyTek delivers unmatched service and professional expertise.

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FlyTek services all models of JetPorter tractors and has developed expertise and familiarity with the JetPorter product line through hands on experience. However, our expertise is not limited to JetPorter equipment. We service and support virtually all brands of ground support equipment, onsite and off. Some of the services we offer include GPU and HPU maintenance and repair, tug and towbar repair, as well as ongoing preventive maintenance programs, oil sampling and analysis, jack load testing and certification, and more. We provide services for all of your GSE repair and maintenance needs.