Lektro Towbarless Tug Repair & Maintenance

Lektro: The Original Towbarless Tug

Lektro invented the towbarless electric aircraft tug and has been manufacturing it since 1967. In the more than 50 years since this pioneering innovation, Lektro has continued to improve and perfect its original design, becoming a standard bearer in the industry. The Lektro towbarless tug is in use in countless aviation venues, bringing American manufacturing excellence to ground crews at regional airports, large international hubs, and military bases throughout the world.

Why Letkro?

Lektro: The Original Towbarless Tug Maitenance

The Lektro corporation has gained a reputation as “The Electric Vehicle People,” not only for its work in revolutionizing the aircraft tug, but also for having created the first electric golf cart. A second-generation family business, Lektro is based in Oregon and employs more than 80 people, many of whom have been with the company for decades. The Lektro commitment to quality, innovation, and sustainability is respected the world over.

Features and Benefits:

  • Environmentally friendly/no exhaust
  • Whisper-quiet electric drive
  • Patented, universal nose cradle
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • High-capacity, long-lasting battery
  • Models for tugging light aircraft up to military jets
  • All-steel construction
  • Second-generation, family-owned business
  • The first electric towbarless tug

Why FlyTek?

Lektro: The Original Towbarless Tug Repair

FlyTek GSE sets the gold standard in ground support equipment maintenance and repair. Our years of work in the mid-Atlantic and beyond have given us the experience and reputation to lead the industry in quality and service.

Ground support providers need a reliable GSE maintenance outfit to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. FlyTek GSE provides tailored maintenance programs to GSE providers across the country, minimizing breakdowns and offering onsite repairs 24/7.

Our onsite capabilities mean that you never have to deal with the hassle, delays, and expense of sending your equipment offsite. We can handle most jobs directly onsite, including oil sampling and analysis, jack load testing and repair, GPU and HPU maintenance and repair, belt loader maintenance, and more. And when you’re looking for a new or used piece of equipment, we’re ready to source GPUs and HPUs, aviation jacks, work stands, tugs and towbars, engine stands, engine slings, and more, all at a price that delivers excellent value.

FlyTek GSE has been working on Lektro equipment for many years. Our technicians are the best in the business and will have your maintenance or repair work done right, ASAP. Call FlyTek GSE today to discuss your Lektro tugs and to find out how our repair services and preventative maintenance programs can keep your ground service operation running at peak performance!