GSE Maintenance at North Central West Virginia Airport

The North Central West Virginia Airport (CKB) is a busy public airport located in Bridgeport, West Virginia. Two commercial airlines provide service to destinations such as Orlando, Sanford, Myrtle Beach, Chicago, and Washington, DC. Charleston and Morgantown, WV and Pittsburg, PA are conveniently accessible via the highway system feeding the airport, making for an ever-increasing volume of travel in and out of the facility.

GSE Maintenance at North Central West Virginia Airport

A significant amount of CKB’s resources are devoted to military operations, and there is also an air taxi service based here. Approximately 3,000 visitors use CKB every year, and it brings approximately one billion dollars in annual revenue to the region. CKB also boasts a 7800-foot runway, the state’s longest. Leisure, business, and military travel are all booming at CKB, and ground support is a major contributor to its success.

Smart Preventative Maintenance

CKB depends on ground support providers to keep operations running smoothly. This means ground support equipment must be maintained in peak condition at all times. With FlyTek GSE’s preventative maintenance programs, GSE will be maintained using a proactive approach to the health of the equipment.

Since no two ground support providers are exactly the same, we customize our preventative maintenance programs, taking into consideration the age of your equipment, the amount of time in use over a given year, and the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our maintenance programs lessen wear and tear on your equipment, prevent emergency breakdowns, and minimize downtime.

Onsite Service is Our Strength

A busy facility like North Central West Virginia Airport is always on the move. When a piece of ground support equipment breaks down or needs servicing, it’s imperative to have it back in operation as soon as possible. That’s why FlyTek GSE brings our repair and maintenance services to you onsite at CKB. Aviation jack load testing and certification, GPU and HPU maintenance and repairs, oil sampling and analysis, and troubleshooting equipment can all be done onsite, minimizing your downtime and simplifying the process.

FlyTek GSE — CKB’s Most Trusted GSE Maintenance Provider

As a GSE provider, your equipment is your most valuable asset. Don’t trust its maintenance and repair to anyone other than FlyTek GSE. Our experience serving ground support operations all along the East Coast and US have given us the best reputation in the business. Our high standards, reliability, and fast response times are known throughout the industry.
Whether you’re in need of preventative maintenance, emergency service, or new or used parts or equipment, FlyTek GSE stands ready to serve you.

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As an authorized TowFLEXX service provider, you can be sure that your tugs and equipment are in the best hands. Of course, we also have extensive experience servicing all of the top brands, including Tronair, Lektro, Eagle Tugs, Hobart, Jetporter, and many more. Contact FlyTek GSE today to find out how we can help prevent breakdowns and maximize your efficiency.