GSE Onsite Services at Naval Air Station Patuxent River

Naval Air Station Patuxent River’s mission is to provide exceptional base operations support, to deliver effective and efficient installation management for warfare systems, and to champion for its tenants R&D, engineering and fleet support to naval aircraft, engines, avionics, aircraft support systems and ship/shore/air operations. With its five divisions — Air Traffic Control, Search and Rescue, Flight Support, Airfield Facilities Division, and Ground Electronic Maintenance — handling 165,000 air operations every year and managing two Navy airfields, there is no room for error. This is why gse onsite services at PAX River are extremely important.

Ground support equipment must perform flawlessly here. If your equipment doesn’t deliver, neither can the hundreds of daily operations that depend on you. The GSE providers at Naval Air Station Patuxent River in Maryland who take that responsibility seriously trust FlyTek GSE.

Why FlyTek at NAS Patuxent River?

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There simply is no better provider of quality gse onsite services at Pax River than FlyTek GSE. We operate at the facility, meaning that jack load testing and certification, oil sampling and analysis, HPU maintenance programs and repairs, and equipment failure and troubleshooting services all come to you. We know that downtime is not an option when your equipment is in need of maintenance and/or repair, so our highly trained technicians are never far away.

Our services include offering an extensive range of new and used equipment, so when you need replacement aviation jacks, work stands, tow bars, engine slings, or almost anything else required for your ground support equipment operation, call us first.

We Prevent Ground Support Equipment Failures Before They Happen

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Our customers have come to think of us as partners, and there’s one important reason why: We work with clients to develop a plan of preventative maintenance that minimizes equipment failures and malfunctions, which means few surprises for you — and even fewer headaches. When critical military missions depend on your company’s ground support equipment maintenance services on a daily basis, you can’t afford a disruption to your schedule. FlyTek GSE knows your equipment, so we know the best practices that will keep it running as it was designed to run. And when the occasional emergency crops up, you will never have to wait long for us to get you back in business.

Top-Rated GSE Onsite Services Provider

The reputation and proficiency of the FlyTek GSE team has earned us the confidence of gse manufacturers, government agencies, MRO’s, aircraft manufacturers, FBO’s, and corporate aviation departments. At just 65 miles away from Washington, DC, the operations at Naval Air Station Patuxent River are some of the most sensitive in the country. Time cannot be wasted when ground support equipment is in need of service or repair.

Call FlyTek GSE for a free analysis of your current maintenance schedule. We’ll help you to optimize the performance of your equipment by creating a customized preventive maintenance plan, one that will save you precious time and money. Let us show you how — contact FlyTek GSE today!