Harrisburg International Airport GSE Repair Provider

As Pennsylvania’s third largest airport, Harrisburg International Airport (HIA) serves more than one million passengers every year, with domestic destinations all along the east coast and international flights to Canada. HIA is also widely used by the Air National Guard and serves as a practice runway for Air Force One. Nearly 50,000 flights operate out of HIA annually, including passenger, military, and cargo planes. All of these flights depend on smooth, efficient ground services operations in order to be safe and on time, which is why a dependable GSE repair provider is so vital.

With so much riding on your company’s reputation and performance, your equipment should only be serviced by the best technicians in the industry. That’s where FlyTek GSE comes in.

Top GSE Repair Provider at Harrisburg International

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FlyTek GSE is Pennsylvania’s leading ground support equipment maintenance provider. We work with GSE providers across the country to prevent equipment failure and to provide emergency service when needed. As your partner in your GSE maintenance coverage, we provide prompt, reliable service, and our friendly representatives are always ready and willing to help.

Preventative Maintenance Programs at HIA

When it comes to ground support equipment, any amount of downtime is too much. Equipment failures cost time and money, which is passed onto the airport and airline companies.

At FlyTek GSE, we tackle the problem of ground support equipment downtime by taking a proactive approach. Our expert technicians work with your company to create a custom plan of regular maintenance that helps prevent breakdowns before they happen. This approach not only maximizes the usable life of your equipment but saves you from expensive emergencies that take can your equipment out of commission for days or weeks at a time.

Hassle-free GSE Repair & Maintenance Services

FlyTek GSE brings our repair and maintenance services right to your door at Harrisburg International Airport. We can provide nearly all of our services onsite for the following equipment:

onsite gse repair provider
  • GPUs
  • Aviation jacks
  • HPUs (mules)
  • Tugs
  • Tow bars
  • Engine stands and slings
  • Work stands and platforms

FlyTek GSE strives to provide seamless, hassle-free GSE maintenance to our clients that yields maximum value to you — and all those who depend on you. We service equipment from many of the leading manufacturers, including Hobart (ITW), Unitron, Foxcart, and Tronair just to name a few. Call FlyTek GSE today for more information, or fill out our Request Service form. We look forward to hearing from you!