Advantages of Remote Control Aircraft Tugs

If you’ve used remote control aircraft tugs in the past, then you’ll know that there are many benefits to using them compared to more traditional towbar tugs. These benefits can fall into three main categories, which are increased productivity, improved efficiency, and reduced damage. All three of these benefit categories will boost your business’ bottom line and impress your clients.

Increased Productivity

TowFLEXX aircraft tug

Productivity can be increased by as much as 25% simply by utilizing remote control aircraft tugs. Their ergonomic design and functionality make just about every part of the aircraft towing process go quicker and without issue. But the biggest benefit to productivity of all is just how quickly and easily they can be attached to aircraft. Depending on the models of tug and aircraft in question, loading time can take a mere 3 to 20 seconds.

This speed and ease of use can be attributed to the fact that no towbar is required. Certain types of aircraft require certain types of towbars, and this can cause a massive drop in productivity if you need to be constantly changing out which towbar you’re using. Further, even the act of attaching a towbar to both the tug and aircraft takes time which a remote control towbarless tug avoids.

Finally, the simple fact that these tugs are controlled remotely is a huge benefit to productivity in itself. It’s much easier to navigate and maneuver tugs when you don’t have to be steering them from the inside where your view is limited. With a remote control tug, you can walk around the tug and aircraft while controlling it to get a better view of what you’re doing, which leads to fewer redos.

Improved Efficiency

TowFLEXX 360 degree technology

Did you know that you can increase your hangar space by up to 40% by using a remote control aircraft tug over a traditional tug? And that 40% increase in hangar space also leads to a 40% increase in associated revenue for your business. How exactly this works out is due to the ergonomic design of remote control tugs, which have a much lower and overall smaller profile than their traditional counterparts. This means they can fit through tight spaces to park and maneuver planes closer together than ever before.

Remote control tugs are also able to rotate 360 degrees around the landing gear of the aircraft they are moving. This means they can turn aircraft completely around on a dime rather than making wide turns. With 360-degree technology, aircraft can be easily maneuvered between each other within a hangar to squeeze more into the same amount of space.

Another way remote control tugs improve efficiency is directly related to the fact that the operator does not need to be on or in the tug itself. We already mentioned how being able to walk around the tug and aircraft as an operator makes it easier to see what you’re doing. This also means remote control tugs can be operated by a single person rather than a pair. Traditional tugs require a two-man team: with one operator and one spotter. But remote control tugs combine the roles of operator and spotter so the job can be done with half the manpower.

Lastly, the efficiency of remote control tugs can’t be discussed without mentioning the electric motor. Not only does the electric motor produce zero emissions and reduce noise in an already noisy environment, but it also saves money on fuel costs. The battery life lasts for years and a single charge can last for 5 to 8km depending on the specific model of tug.

Reduced Damage

TowFLEXX remote control aircraft tug

Studies have shown that simply by using remote control aircraft tugs you can reduce damages by up to 98%. Damages resulting from aircraft towing come in two forms: Damage to the aircraft being towed and damage to other aircraft and the surroundings.

In some situations, the landing gear of aircraft can be damaged due to the improper use of a towbar. However, remote control tugs scoop up the landing gear of the aircraft and place it on a turntable so the twisting of the tug as it turns doesn’t damage the landing gear.

The wings of an aircraft are another damage hotspot, especially for large aircraft which are stored in tight spaces. This, along with damage done to surrounding aircraft, can be removed from the equation almost entirely simply by using a remote control tug. Now, if you aren’t sure how much clearance you have on one side, you can just walk around the aircraft and check while still controlling the tug.

FlyTek GSE and TowFLEXX

Remote control aircraft tugs have three major benefits for your ground support business. They’ll increase your productivity, improve your work efficiency, and reduce the amount of costly damage that can result from moving large aircraft. TowFLEXX is a leader in the electric, remote control aircraft tug industry, and they’ve partnered with us here at FlyTek. If your TowFLEXX tugs are in need of maintenance or repair, contact us today. We can also give you additional information on how we can maximize the efficiency of your other ground support equipment.