Benefits of Ground Support Equipment Rental

When it comes to how your business acquires ground support equipment, there are four main avenues. You could purchase new equipment, purchase used equipment, lease equipment, or rent equipment. For many ground support companies, renting equipment can make the most sense due to the potentially seasonal, and sometimes sporadic, nature of the business. The three main reasons why rental is a great option are that it allows you to upgrade and expand your fleet easily, you can rent equipment on an as-needed basis, and your equipment will be maintained by the provider.

Easy to Upgrade and Expand Your Fleet

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Renting ground support equipment allows you to easily upgrade and expand your fleet. The main problem with purchasing equipment is that you will sometimes feel like you’re locked into it for years to come, even when better options become available. With rental, once your rental period is up, you can upgrade to the latest equipment without sacrificing anything. There’s no reason to be locked into aging equipment, especially when newer models are more efficient and will save you money in the long run.

Additionally, expanding your fleet is something that can be made more convenient through rental. Rather than committing to a new piece of equipment, you can rent it and effectively “try before you buy.” This way you’ll find out if that particular item meets your needs before you commit to a costly purchase.

Rent Equipment as Needed

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An even bigger advantage of equipment rental is that you can rent pieces as you need them. If you need more equipment in order to accommodate for new contracts, then you can rent more. And if you need less equipment when some contracts expire, you can simply renew less of your rentals. This business practice can also be utilized during peak and off-seasons. By adjusting the amount of equipment you have based on the amount you need, you save money by not paying for pieces that are just sitting around unused.

In some cases, specific pieces of equipment will be needed for shorter periods of time or limited uses. For cases like these, rental is the perfect option. What if a new client requires a specific piece of equipment that may not get much use otherwise? That particular item may not be worth purchasing if it’s going to be sitting around most of the time, or if you’ll only need it for a short period of time. And speaking of needing equipment for short periods of time, what about when a main piece of your equipment lineup is being repaired? Your operations can’t grind to a halt just because repairs are being made, and with rental equipment, they won’t have to.

Equipment is Maintained by the Provider

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When you rent ground support equipment, the repairs and maintenance for that equipment are provided for you by the company that owns it. This means that renting equipment from FlyTek comes with the expert repairs and maintenance that FlyTek technicians provide. And, that cost of those repair and maintenance checks are built directly into the rental price so there are no surprise fees. You also never have to worry about how, where, or when maintenance and repairs will be done. Our service technicians will come to your place of business and perform repairs and maintenance on-site.

A ground support equipment provider will also be in charge of keeping the equipment up to date. As we’ve already mentioned, when you purchase your own equipment, it gets old and outdated over time. But with rental equipment, you can upgrade without an entirely new purchase. And this is made possible by the equipment provider acquiring new pieces at no additional cost to you.


There are three main benefits of renting ground support equipment over purchasing it new, purchasing it used, and leasing it. Rental allows for the easy expansion of your ground support fleet, the short term acquisition of equipment as needed, and the maintenance and repairs of the equipment to be provided for you by the rental company. For all these reasons equipment rental is a great option for supplementing your existing ground support fleet while also keeping costs relatively low.

FlyTek Ground Support Equipment Rental

FlyTek provides ground support equipment rental services for businesses that need additional equipment without the long-term commitment associated with purchasing. Contact us today for more information about the equipment we have available and how partnering with us will make your operations run smoother than ever.