FlyTek Expands Into GSE Manufacturing

Earlier this year, FlyTek GSE expanded into the ground support equipment manufacturing industry. We have years of experience servicing and repairing GSE, and decades of experience working on hydraulic systems. Through our experience, we have become familiar with the pain points suffered by our GSE maintenance and repair customers, and have decided to put our knowledge to work by designing and manufacturing superior GSE solutions.

All of our equipment is manufactured at our facility in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania. Look for FlyTek’s distinctive red color when you need GSE.

FlyTek Aircraft Jacks

Both our tripod and axle jacks come in two weight limit options for different-sized aircraft. They also all come with a standard 1-year warranty, with extended warranty and service contracts available. And each jack is load tested and certified in-house before being shipped.

Tripod Jacks

FlyTek tripod jack

Our tripod jacks have an ergonomic design that allows for easier use by jack operators. For example, we built in an easy-to-access fluid reservoir because the fewer movable components there are the easier equipment is to maintain. We also positioned the pump lever higher on the jack body so it can be comfortably used while standing rather than bending over. And heavy-duty casters were used so jacks can be easily moved around despite their size. Tripod jacks come in both 12-ton and 30-ton options.

Axle Jacks

FlyTek axle jack

The idea behind our axle jacks was to construct a rugged piece of equipment with the ability to last for years while being used in harsh conditions. Through our experience repairing GSE, including axle jacks, we’ve gained an understanding of the most common failures they experience and have designed and reinforced our equipment accordingly. Axle jacks come in both 12-ton and 25-ton options.

Hydraulic Power Units

FlyTek Hydraulic Power Unit

FlyTek’s HPUs are built using lightweight aluminum frames and skins. This, combined with our use of heady-duty, easy-roll casters, makes our HPUs easy to move and position wherever you need them. Modern touchscreen controls are used to reduce the number of mechanical components that can wear or break. Drip pans also come standard on all units, and contamination monitors are optional.

If you’re in need of new ground support equipment, such as aircraft jacks or hydraulic power units, FlyTek GSE can help. We have also set up preventative maintenance plans for your equipment to keep them operating at peak capacity for longer. Contact us today to learn more about how our equipment is the product of decades of hydraulic experience.