FlyTek Introduces a New Line of Ground Power Units to the Market

FlyTek GSE started as a repair and service center, focused on customer service. Since our inception in 2012, we have provided Ground Support Services in the greater Northeast and some of the Southeast. During the past decade, we have found that the industry is lacking in reliable GSE service and innovative products. With that in mind, we have partnered with Sinepower to bring a new line of Ground Power Units (GPUs) to the Business Aviation Market.

With service being our backbone, we are well aware of the shortcomings of the GPUs in the current market. With this knowledge and over two decades of Sinepower’s expertise, FlyTek is pleased to announce the all-new FlyTek GPUs.

Current Models Include:

FlyTek GSE Tradeshow

FGPU.28: Through innovative research and development, FlyTek 28 VDC GPUs provide continuous DC power for a wide range of aircraft including military and civilian aircraft; to start the engine, the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) of the aircraft, as well as the onboard power supply. The units are available in mobile or fixed configurations, suitable for either hangar or ramp use.

FGPU.45 – FGPU.180: FlyTek AC GPUs contain power ratings from 45kVA to 180kVA making this product line perfect for any commercial, industrial, or military application involving a variety of aircraft. These power units use double conversion technology with an integrated inverter output transformer to ensure galvanic isolation of the load. Depending upon the rating, these units are available in mobile, towable, and fixed configurations. In addition, FlyTek offers 28VDC/AC combination units.

FGPU.90.28: FlyTek combo units puts both the 28 VDC and 90kVA AC in one compact, fixed, or towable cart. This configuration is perfect for any facility maintaining a wide range of aircraft that need both AC/DC options.

To provide the best products in the industry, FlyTek puts the customer at the center of its development, drawing on a decade of customer feedback and knowledge. We have put our GPUs through rigorous tests to ensure that, not only do they surpass our customer’s expectations, but they also exceed our standards and what we stand for.