JetMac GSE Repair & Maintenance

jetmac maintenance and repair

When ground support equipment providers think of quality, they often immediately think of JetMac. JetMac, now a part of Solair Group, has been in the business of supplying the industry’s most reliable ground support equipment to aviation maintenance companies across the country and all over the world. Better, dependable equipment means less hassle, lower costs, and a smoother operation for your crew.

Why JetMac?

Your JetMac HPU is configured to your specifications, allowing for independent systems driven by separate motor and pump combinations that simultaneously deliver pressure and flow to separate systems. Powering your equipment with rated pressure and flow, the ruggedly designed JetMac HPU is widely regarded to be among the most reliable hydraulic power units available.

JetMac HPUs have several qualities that set them apart:

  • Dual Pump Configuration — HPUs come with a dual pump package, containing both a charge pump and a main pressure pump
  • Main Pump — Oil Gear PVG Series pumps power HPUs, ensuring longevity and durability
  • Cabinet — Solidly built from a reinforced steel base that is welded to the top cabinet, finished with durable powder coat
  • Custom Manifolds — Because JetMac controls the manufacture of their manifolds, you get years of leak-free performance
  • Components — JetMac selects the highest quality components, which means fewer breakdowns and less downtime

In addition to industry-leading HPUs, JetMac also supplies both tripod jacks and axle jacks, a wide variety of fluid dispensers, and various sized stands to handle your fleet with confidence.

Why FlyTek?

jetmac maintenance and repair

With many decades in the business, FlyTek GSE understands the importance of maintaining your ground support equipment with the highest level of competence and service. When it comes to repair and maintenance of your JetMac equipment, you should only work with the most experienced and knowledgeable technicians. At FlyTek GSE, we have spent years developing expertise in working with JetMac HPUs and other products, giving us an unparalleled understanding of the brand’s engineering.

To maximize efficiency and minimize your downtime, FlyTek GSE can carry out most maintenance and repair activities onsite. We create maintenance plans tailored to your equipment and your needs, saving you money in the long term by avoiding problems before they happen.

Call today to discuss all of your maintenance requirements. We work with all types of ground support equipment, including GPU’s, aircraft jacks, tugs and tow bars, engine slings, work stands and more.