Ground Support Equipment Maintenance at Morristown Municipal Airport

FlyTek GSE is regarded as a leading ground support equipment maintenance provider because our dedication to efficient, quality service and a proactive maintenance schedule form the backbone of our operation. Talk to us today about how we can help keep your ground support equipment (GSE) running at peak performance at Morristown Municipal Airport (MMU) in Morristown, NJ.

Operating Out of Morristown Municipal Airport? Let FlyTek Come to You


One of the standout services FlyTek offers at Morristown Municipal Airport and other airports in the country is an extensive preventative maintenance program, which minimizes downtime and results in cost savings. Jack load testing and certification, oil sampling and analysis, and equipment failure and troubleshooting are some of the services we deliver right at your facility.

A GSE Maintenance Provider with a Reputation for Quality

ground support equipment maintenance

The busy skies above Morristown Municipal Airport suggest that the airport is quite active and ground support equipment is used regularly. Therefore, your business depends on the quality of your ground support equipment maintenance provider. We employ the most experienced technicians in the New Jersey and New York areas, where time is truly money.

Our proactive philosophy towards preventative maintenance means that your ground support equipment is running smoothly when you need it. It also means that the life of your equipment is expanded significantly.

Why Choose FlyTek for Your Ground Support Equipment Maintenance Provider?

FlyTek GSE has a reputation for integrity and excellence in the industry, and we offer some of the fastest response times for equipment failures. Our preventative maintenance programs are proven to save you money — as well as stress and downtime — while maximizing convenience for you and your team.

ground support equipment maintenance

We provide a comprehensive list of services to companies operating out of Morristown Municipal Airport, and we are a also supplier of new and used equipment. Equipment for sale includes ground power units (GPU), hydraulic power units (HPU) or mules, aviation jacks, work stands and platforms, tow bars, engine stands, and more.

Contact us today for more information about our ground support equipment maintenance services.