TowFLEXX Distributor & Service Center

FlyTek GSE is now an authorized TowFLEXX distributor and service center. Our partnership with TowFLEXX means that FlyTek’s superior GSE maintenance services are now more convenient than ever.

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FlyTek GSE provides the most convenient and effective ground support equipment maintenance in the industry. Our onsite services are available throughout the mid-Atlantic as well as nationwide, delivering excellence in both our personnel and customer service teams.


TowFLEXX is the leading innovator in remote controlled aircraft tug technology. TowFLEXX tugs safely and effortlessly turn aircraft on the spot without the need to turn the nose wheel. The simple and convenient tugs provide easy docking, coupling, and decoupling in only 20 seconds. No winches or straps are required.

The remote controlled tugs (starting at the 3 Series) are equipped with a unique turntable, allowing the user to swivel it 360° around the fuselage while the nose wheel remains in it’s starting position. This makes aircraft towing much safer for the operator & more profitable for the owner.

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TowFLEXX TF5 Features & Benefits

  • Unique in its class
  • No tow bar, no damage
  • More space = more revenue